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self care in dentistry

Discover the secrets to a healthier smile and overall wellness with a dentist who's more than just a tooth expert. Click here to uncover their inspiring journey towards holistic health and vibrant living!

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Welcome to the Dental blog!

A new modern dental blog in the making

a dental blog

I'm Charlie Cage, a wife, mom, and dentist practicing in the United States.

Where exactly?

Well, everywhere! As an active-duty dental officer in the military, I move around a lot! That’s one of the many things that I love about my career choice.

I have a DDS and MS in dentistry and have been practicing dentistry for over 11 years.

During my time in residency, I have ignited a passion and I have become obsessed with not only learning more about dentistry but documenting and sharing along the way with this dental blog. I soon realized that I am surrounded by others who are just as eager to do things differently and learn new things.

Help this blog grow...

Want a new inspiring way of learning dentistry? Stay tuned for more content and grow with me!

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