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wellness blog by a doctor

It's time to care for you!

After receiving a Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) and a Masters Operative Dentistry and biomaterials and practicing for over 11 years, Dr. Cage changed her approach.


Since most of her practice included education and cosmetic dentistry she saw the need to focus on wellness outside of the mouth.

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My why

After changing so many patients’ smiles and seeing them convert into more confident people, I’m eager to share how life can be improved without a smile transformation.

Being diagnosed with chronic pain disorders and the additional stress of being an active duty officer, things had to change. With the pride of serving for over 14 years, it is my passion to share how I’ve learned to cope with chronic pain and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Outside of always working overtime, being married, having two young rascals, and a dog, I am always busy! However, I make time to share my passion for talking about dentistry and mental wellness through self-care.

“If you organize your life, you can turn your passion into your story and then turn your story into something bigger―something that matters.”


―Blake Mycoskie

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self care dentist

You can do it!

Helping you Be
the Best You Can Be

Taking small steps to make a great success.

My passion

Find happiness amid looming deadlines, responsibilities, and chaos. We could all use reminders and tips to slow down and enjoy our life. I love creating content around my two passions, dentistry and wellness.

Sharing my successes and failures in all aspects of life, in hopes that it can help others.

The ONLY dentist in my family and since I was raised in the Caribbean, I never had any connections so getting into this field did not come easy! Being in the military for over 14 years and understanding the need for wellness advocates, I see the need to be a voice!

Let’s form a rebellion of people who practice self-care and other wellness practices to be more productive and help others healthily and lovingly!

Featured in

I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with these wonderful authors to help in the pursuit of sharing dental knowledge. 

See the blog!

The blog is an exploration of the inspiring stories and practices of those who have chosen to put their own well-being at the forefront.

Read on and be a part of this wellness revolution in healthcare!

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