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A Flavorful Alternative to Lemon Water


Lemon water alternatives

Who's drinking lemon water?

Every lifestyle and wellness influencer is positing slow-motion clips of cutting lemon and dropping the slices into a clear aesthetically pleasing glass.

There are several benefits of drinking lemon water. It's said that lemon water is a great way to detox organs such as the liver. It may also play a role in weight loss by either serving as an energy booster or ramping the body's metabolism. Lemon water can also be beneficial simply by using it as a natural water enhancer, giving flavor to plain water to encourage more hydration, which has many additional health benefits.

How to drink lemon water?

Lemon water is a diverse beverage, served hot or cold! It is commonly consumed early in the morning, as an energy booster and a replacement for coffee or tea. It can also be used as a nightcap before bed to help support the body during sleep.

Why am I suggesting an alternative to lemon water?

Despite the refreshing citrus taste of lemon water and its health benefits, there are concerns to consider that pertain to its acidity. Lemons are very acidic and in people who suffer from mouth, esophagus, or stomach ulcers this may exacerbate this issue. This irritation can result in inflammation that can go as far as being a causative factor of cancer in rare and extreme cases.

Of course, I'm a dentist so let's talk about how the acidity of lemons can affect your teeth. Teeth are at a higher risk of being broken down (cavities) or worn down (erosion) when the mouth is at a lower pH. The risk is increased further if lemon water is sipped on all day, leaving teeth with an extended amount of time to be dissolved. As teeth wear from the front, they reveal the darker colored inner layer of teeth resulting in more yellow teeth, which cannot be very difficult to whiten. If teeth wear down on the biting edge, the tooth loses its natural shape appearing more square-like. Both of these things result in one thing, looking older because of 'aged teeth'.

What's this great alternative to lemon water?

orange infused water

My favorite recommendation is orange and mint-infused water. Still citrusy and refreshing but has less acidity.

This is a unique and delicious substitute that is made in the same way as lemon water.

Oranges are still acidic but not as significantly as lemons. Understanding how your body is affected by acidic foods or beverages with short durations of acidic exposures, drinking orange & mint-infused water may be a great drink to try!

orange and mint infused water, lemon water substitute

Let me know in the comments if you try this and tell me which one is your favorite.


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